Ambridge Regional Industrial and Manufacturing Center

The Challenge

Create a brand new, modern website complete with a custom video that showcases what sets this client apart from their competitors.
And do it within 90 days.

The Solution

Pacer designed and developed a custom website, using WordPress as the back end.  This gave the client the ability to update the site as needed.  We were also able to import their existing blog posts into the new site and ensure that all of their previous SEO efforts remained in play.
While we were creating the website, our video team created a storyboard for the video, shot the b-roll and was able to create a great video that showcases several of the key competitive advantages that help help Ambridge Regional stand out.

Social Sharing

Ambridge Regional was able to share their video through various social channels, further broadening their reach and strengthening their brand.

Video is a Voice

Video puts more than a face to your business, it gives you a voice that jumps off the screen and is heard.

Fast Turnaround

Pacer was able to write the script, shoot and edit the footage, color correct and deliver the video within 45 days from start to finish.

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