Thank You

Thank you for requesting additional information. A member of our sales team will be in touch with you shortly to learn more about your business, grant you access to our online portfolio and set up a discovery meeting.
Please see below for the next steps and what to expect when working with Pacer Studios.

Discovery Meetings

So that we can recommend a strategy, which works, we hold an initial discovery meeting in which Pacer Studios takes the time to learn about your business or organization. Depending on the scope, additional discovery meetings and conference calls may be held. The Discovery phase also gives you the opportunity to learn more about Pacer Studios and the services we offer as well as ask questions you may have.

Campaign Research

Research is at the core of our business. We conduct market and competitive research for every advertising plan we put together, no matter how small the budget. The goal of our research is to answer questions relating to a target audience so you reach your goals and objectives. We analyze market penetration, brand loyalty, and other key measurements among your target customers, viewers, readers, and listeners.

Campaign Planning

During the planning phase, we present a comprehensive marketing and advertising plan for your review. The plan will include budgets and may also include mock-ups, copy, demographics, detailed research and concepts, depending on the needs of the client.

Campaign Implementation

Upon approval of the marketing and advertising plan, implementation of a campaign begins. The specifics of the marketing or sales effort will be unique to your business or organization. At this time, working with our creative, you will see the production process begin. Mock-ups and ads will be created and your approvals will be needed. Ultimately, your advertising strategy will start to go live.

Campaign Management

Campaigns at Pacer Studios are actively managed. This means we are consistently reviewing ads, copy, schedules, clicks and vendor relationships to ensure your campaign runs smoothly and is cost effective.