Now that you have gotten your business on the web…finally…what are you doing to drive traffic to that site?

Wikipedia defines SEO as – “the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines via the “natural” or un-paid search results.”

Intense SEO is very complex and you should definitely consider hiring a firm such as Pacer Design Studios to help you with that process.

Basic SEO is definitely something you can venture into  on your own, and there are some basic steps we can share with you to help get you started in your SEO journey


  1.  Keep your URLs readable – search engines scour these for key words, and people write links down at times.  Making them easier to read and understand can only help
  2. Make your title tags relevant – too many sites just show their site name in the title tag.  Visitors know the name of your site, don’t waste this valuable area, place your 3 or 4 main keywords in there and you will see big results
  3. Analytics – make sure your monitor your site constantly to see what is working and adjust accordingly.
  4. Make your anchor text relevant – “click here” doesn’t tell google anything, but “click here for new cars” tells google a lot.  Make sure to always put keywords in your anchor text.
  5. Sitemap – this page gets overlooked, but it tells search spiders exactly where to look for everything on your site.  Make sure you have one

Using these tips above will help your website place higher in organic searches.   None of this matters though if you don’t know your audience and target the right keywords.

Do your research, implement proper SEO techniques and your site will be on the right track.

Pacer Design Studios can help you expand your efforts and get your site where it needs to be.