Pacer Design Studios, your Pittsburgh website design solution offers your 6 quick reasons why you NEED a website no matter what your business is:

  1. Your competitors are already on the web….they probably have been for a while and they are attracting your customers right now.
  2. Over 80% of potential customers check your website before they decide to do business with you
  3. Websites are open 24 hours…with people searching for your business online at all hours your website is always available to be found
  4. the Yellow Pages are so 1990’s….there is a reason the paper directories are have been focusing on online listings for years now.
  5. Placing well on the search engines is affordable…with proper research and techiniques it can be very afforadable for your business to show up on the front page of google
  6. Websites are adaptable…unlike that brochure you just printed, websites can be changed quickly and afforably to match the changes of your business

There are way more reasons than just 6 to get your business on the web today, but the above are just a quick few that we feel are important.  In this day and age not only is it important to have a website, it is important to have an effective website.  We often tell customers that a bad website is worse than no website.  Often times your website is the first impression that a customer gets of your business.  If that impression is not favorable because you went with some cut rate web designer it will end up costing you money.

If you are looking to get your webstie started, or looking to upgrade your current web presence, Pacer Design Studios can help.  Call us today at 1.800.515.3950 or email us to get started with your free consultation.