Everyone who lives in Western PA that doesn’t live under a rock know that the natural gas industry is booming in the area.  They also know that the cracker plant is coming.

What they may not know, is that the trades are busier than ever thanks to the efforts of businesses like the Beaver County Building Trades Council.  This alliance of craft unions represents all of the highly skilled and highly productive construction labor in our area.

BCBT_Color_FullLogoThe leaders at BCBT needed a logo that represented what they do.  They wanted something that was modern, yet classic looking and that would instantly convey to people a construction feel.

The logo to the left is what we delivered after weeks of meetings and design time.  The colors are timeless and when you look at the logo, you know exactly the area of work that these guys are in.

Along with the logo, business cards and letterhead were also designed.

A full service website is in development and scheduled for a March 2015 launch, so be sure to check back here for details.