Our friends at Bradley’s Roofing approached us in January and tasked us with designing and launching of a new site for them in time for the start of the 2013 Home & Garden show…March 1.

They wanted a site that showcased their high end work, educated prospective customers on the the value they provide, and also showcased the family values that run deep in their company.

We decided to have a “3 Generations” photo right on the home page, so that visitors can see right off the bat that they are dealing with a family owned company.

WordPress was used to provide a versatile and SEO friendly platform for the site.  We also created a mobile friendly version of the site so that customers can find information on the site easier on their mobile devices.

Lastly, we performed a Social Media Audit, and helped them create a Google+ presence, in addition to designing custom graphics for their Facebook page.

2 months after their first visit, Bradley’s Roofing now has an online presence that matches their quality and high end reputation.

Check out the finished product here: www.BradleysRoofing.com