Google uses your website content to influence your search engine ranking, and your content greatly influences your potential customers.

Turning visitors into leads is often the most important task for a website, and if your content is not well thought out and well written, the design of your site may not even matter.

FEAR NOT…Pacer Design Studios can help you with your content.

We employ a 5 step strategy to ensure that our clients have content on their sites that helps them convert visitors to leads.  Our team of developers and writers uses the following proven process:visitors_leads

1. Define Goals

Our teams takes time to learn the goals of your business and your website.  By learning who your target customer is, what a great lead is, and what information you need from a lead, we can define legitimate goals for your website and/or social media presence.  Total visitors and number of “likes” are no hard evidence that a site is doing its jobs.  We work with you to define goals that drive conversions.

2. Research customer needs and expectation

What is a visitor to your site expecting? What are they looking for.  We conduct exhaustive research so that we can ensure your content delivers what the customer wants, and exceeds what they expect.

3. Develop Content Matrix

Armed with well defined goals and expectations, we then will create a comprehensive content matrix to ensure that the proper content is placed strategically throughout the site.  This will help funnel our wayward visitors to the conversion areas.

4. Create Content

At this point our team will create all the necessary content for your site.  Sometimes we write all the content from scratch, while other times we are rewriting content from a previous website.  Our team makes sure that all content is written so that it is appealing for consumers, but also makes Google happy.

5. Promote and Syndicate

Once the copy is up and the site is live we make sure that our work gets syndicated through RSS feeds, posted in directories, promoted through blogs, etc…

If you feel that your site is in need of a content make over, call us today at 724.709.7261 or fill out our online contact form and someone will contact you .