Day Apollo is always on the cutting edge when it comes to digital marketing.

When Pacer approached the management team at Day Apollo about using video to better market their line of Subaru and Volkswagen vehicles, the decision to move forward was a swift one.

Pacer proceeded to write custom scripts for every major Subaru and Volkswagen model.  Pacer used a professional actor to record the voice overs in their studio, and set out to film the vehicles in various locations throughout the area.

The motion graphics team at Pacer created custom graphics for the video series that included special graphics for each model showing all the main specs including starting price, fuel efficiency, etc…

Once the videos were produced, the web team at Pacer proceeded to implement them into the websites for Day Apollo.

Pacer went one step further, and worked with Day Apollo to implement the videos into their email response templates.  Pacer trained the internet team at Day Apollo so that they could take advantage of this new tool.

The response has been overwhelming as customers have enjoyed the videos, and the results have helped Day Apollo increase its conversion of internet leads, as well as increase the time visitors spend on their website.

Take a look at one of the VW videos below.

For a look at the entire Subaru line and implementation, visit here: Subaru Videos