Not every business has the budget to outsource their digital marketing to the pros. That doesn’t mean top quality digital marketing is out of reach.
Many agencies offer affordable rates for training and strategy consultation, allowing your business to leverage in house labor for things like blogging, content writing, SEO and more.
Here’s 3 Digital Marketing Tips that your business can use today to get started.

1. Embrace Visual Facebook usage is shrinking, while YouTube, Instagram and Vine are exploding. Shoot a video, upload photos or graphics about your business. The online world is focusing more on visual everyday.

2. Understand Analytics You need to understand more than how many “hits” your site gets. Pay a small fee to a consultant to learn how to read and react to your website analytics. You will learn who is coming to your site, how they arrived, what they searched for and so much more.

3. Plan and Stay the Course Digital Marketing brings unique challenges and opportunities to your business. Set goals, plan the campaign and STICK WITH IT. Success will not come overnight. Digital Marketing isn’t easy, but with a little training and a lot of commitment…your business can excel in the digital realm!