Here at Pacer Design Studios we are always preaching that marketing is about having a complete strategy, and working all channels properly to reach your goal.

Although many firms are pushing their clients away from Direct Mail, we continue to promote it as a very good supplement to your digital efforts. The information we show below, continues to reinforce that strategy.

According to a recent survey conducted by marketing services firm, Epsilon Targeting, direct mail, especially when combined with other marketing tactics including email and social media sites, is still the number one choice among the over 4,000 survey participants.*
Here are some of the findings of that survey:

  • Direct mail is the channel of choice for the 18-34 year old demographic.
  • 37% of U.S. consumers believe traditional mail offers more privacy than email.
  • Checking the mailbox is a source of enjoyment cited by 60% of the U.S. consumers.
  • Consumers prefer personally addressed mail to unaddressed mail.

This study further proves our practice supplementing online marketing strategies with traditional means of marketing such as Direct Mail is a winning formula.  But our customers already knew that.

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*“Consumer Survey Results Reveal Direct Mail Is Most Preferred Channel for Receipt of Brand Communications,” Epsilon Targeting,