What does a golden retriever puppy’s friendship with a Clydesdale have to do with beer? We don’t know, but the Internet is already wild about Budweisers’ 2014 Super Bowl ad, an early frontrunner for best ad of the Bowl with 23 million Youtube views. The minute-long spot goes right for the heartstrings, which are apparently connected to the purse strings.

While major, well-known corporations have the freedom to spend millions on building “brand love” (and who doesn’t love a golden retriever puppy?) your small business marketing strategy is more likely to be focused on attracting new business. If your brand has the funds to buy a Super Bowl commercial, we can’t wait to see your ad in next year’s lineup (and we hope it also includes puppies). But if you don’t have millions of dollars to spend on a 30-second TV spot, Pacer Design Studios is here to help you maximize your marketing budget in 2014.

Pacer offers expertise in developing marketing campaigns for small- and medium-sized businesses – including everything from web design, logo design, SEO, social media management, promotional products and print. Pacer couples creativity with years of experience to build engaging and profitable marketing campaigns and web sites that will help your business get ahead of the competition. We have been designing websites in Pittsburgh for over 12 years and have helped many businesses in Pittsburgh, Beaver County and surrounding areas grow by using a wide range of marketing tools from print to web design to social media campaigns.
Your business’ marketing strategy deserves the same attention and strategic thinking that Super Bowl sponsors enjoy. We can’t promise puppies and Clydesdales (that market has already been cornered), but we can promise creative and engaging marketing solutions.

Click here for the Budweiser 2014 Super Bowl commercial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uQB7QRyF4p4