So you’re on Facebook, like everybody else.  How can you make your page stand out?  Well, there are a few simple ways to do this, and here at Pacer we can help you take your Facebook fan page or personal page to the next level.

Step 1:
Landing pages – a nice and easy way to make your Facebook page stand out from the rest.  Facebook gives you the option to add html and css code to an iframe within your Facebook page – internet code jargon aside – the general idea here is that we can create a totally customized page for when someone comes to your Facebook page.

Even better is that we can separate it between people who like your page, and people who haven’t liked you yet.  So new visitors can be directed towards a big like button, and given information relevant information and attention grabbing graphics to get them to click it.  Individuals who already like your page can be directed toward contests, promotions, or just about anything else you could think of to keep them engaged and interested in YOUR page.

Step 2:
Facebook applications – get your users involved.  Facebook applications can do any number of things, most notable are Facebook games.  Most notable about Facebook apps is that it can give you a way to interact with Facebook News Feeds and Notifications.  Integrate your blog with your Facebook page and get your name out there by showing up on the News Feeds of the people who use your app.

Step 3:
New uses for page tabs – page tabs can take you to custom pages (like the landing pages described above), and are located in the sidebar where your wall, info, links, etc. usually are.  Facebook tries to keep you ON Facebook though, which gives people an incentive to go back to checking out what their friends are doing (or other infinite ways to waste time on Facebook), instead of being interested in your content.  Well there are ways to direct people out of Facebook and to your site, using the page tabs.

At Pacer, we customize your experience.  Other programmers may use existing apps to build custom pages for you.  Their apps may be existing apps re-purposed to fit your needs.  The issue here is that these pages are often riddled with branding and advertisements for sites that are not yours.  The icons, logos, or links attributing to the source of the app have the potential to draw individuals away from your site.  At Pacer, we brand products with YOUR brand.