Anybody that reads this blog already know this, but internet usage is shifting more and more towards the mobile realm everyday.  If your business is not taking advantage of mobile websites, then you are undoubtedly losing money to a business that is.

Morgan Stanley analysts charted the most important online trends and have made their prediction for the future of the internet.  One of the more relevant predictions was the dramatic shift towards mobile web use.

Morgan Stanley’s analyst believe that the mobile web will be more widely used than the desktop internet by 2015.

What the heck is mobile web?
The mobile web represents any device you use to browse the internet other than your desktop computer or laptop.  Mobile devices have smaller screens and render web sites differently than other devices.  Obviously your smart phone is a mobile web device, but so is your Ipad, your Kindle and your Android tablet.

Studies show that when your website is optimized for viewing on these devices, visitors stay on your site longer and are more willing to make purchases.

What can Pacer do to help my business take advantage of the mobile web?
We can create a mobile version of your site that will be optimized for viewing on various mobile platforms.  We can consult with you to decide if it is time for your business to have an APP in the APP store.

Although your mobile web site will run off the same content as your current site, their are several things you can do to optimize your content for the mobile web.

Did you know that video accounts for 69% of mobile data traffic?  That seems like good motivation to get some video on your site, and Pacer can help you with that.

The shift towards mobile is still in its early stages, and you can still get in early enough to take advantage.  The trend is being driven by better devices and increased data coverage, and those 2 things are only going to continue.

Take advantage of this exciting opportunity today!