Are you looking for employment?

Need training for a  job?

Do you want to learn some interview skills?

Job Training for Beaver County can help you with all of that and more.  This non-profit that is located in the Beaver Valley Mall has been helping local residents for years.

The problem was, they didn’t have a website that was easy to find, and it did not provide the information that people needed if they did find it.

The leadership at JTBC came to Pacer and asked them to solve this problem.

Pacer went to work learning about all of the services that JTBC provides, which is many, and started to brainstorm ideas on how to best convey the information.

It was determined early on that WordPress would be used as the platform for the new site.  This would allow the staff at JTBC easy access to update the site.

It was also decided early on that responsive design technology would be used so that the website would look perfect on phones, tablets and computer screens.

jtbc-screenshotPacer then developed a clever way to allow people to search the site as either an “Employer” or “Job Seeker”.  This custom solution was built in to the right side of the homepage and allows visitors to quickly pinpoint the information they need without navigating around the site.

The site launched on time and on budget, and has been very successful since launch.

The attention to detail in the content building and website structure has paid off, as the analytics have shown that visitors are finding what they want on the site with ease.

Over 30% of visitors to the site have used a mobile device to access the site, so the decision to use responsive design has also proven to be a worthwhile one.