According to Google, 44% of searches done for last minute gifts this season will be done on mobile devices.

If your business has paid attention and your site is optimized for the mobile web then CONGRATULATIONS….you are all set to capitalize this holiday season on this growing trend.

If your business has slept on the mobile phenomenon…then ouch!

Mobile sites have become a critical component to the success of any retail business whether it be brick and mortar or purely virtual.  People all over the country have   and tablets and are using them more and more to not only find the locations of restaurants and stores, but to also make purchases online.

When mobile users have to deal with a slow site that is not set up for mobile use, they quickly leave and go to a site that wants their money.

Get with it folks, mobile sites are no longer a luxury, they are a necessity.

Call us today at 724.709.7261 and talk to us about your mobile situation and we will help you create a plan for 2012.  Mobile is here now to stay.