Sleepless last night…I decided to go back an re-read one of my favorite books..”Rework”

Rework is a great book from the founders of the company 37 signals. The book offers many a  fresh perspective on business. There are many great ideas in the book, and many that you will not agree with.  in the end, it will definitely get you thinking…which is really the point.

Here are a couple points that still resonate with me, and my thoughts on them.


Don’t Listen to Your Customers

The authors argue that you shouldn’t listen to suggestions from a minority of vocal customers.  “Your goal is that your product stays right for you. You’re the one who has to believe in it most”.  Many small business owners are often too eager to please, and react too quickly to the smallest blips on the radar.  The authors suggest, and I agree, that you do not write down customer suggestions.  If you hear a suggestion over and over again, then you know it is time to consider it.


Market Like Drug Dealers

“Make your product so good, so addictive, so “can’t miss” that giving the customer a small free taste makes them come back with cash in hand…You should know that people will come back for more. If you’re not confident about that, you haven’t created a strong enough product. “

I agree…some what.  Not every business can provide a free sample.  Many of my clients are car dealers, they are not giving away a tire, hoping you come back for the car.  But the general premise rings true for me.  You should work hard enough, that you are confident enough in your product that you can give a little away…knowing that it is worth coming back for.

This is particularly true with web based applications.  Any program worth a damn should be given away free for the first month.  If it is worth it, people will pay.

Marketing Is Not A Department
Marketing should not be a function of the marketing team but a part of everything the company does from answering the telephone to the quality of the product.

Not a new concept here, but an often forgotten one nonetheless.  We often consult with businesses on their marketing, and usually find out very quickly that their marketing is not carried through the entire company.  Every time you answer the phone you are marketing your business.  Every flier you hand out, every graphic on your truck, every ring back tone on your cell phone…these are all part of your marketing effort.


These are just a few thoughts I had this time though the book.  If you have not read it, you really should.  If you have read it, I welcome you to share your thoughts.