When meeting with clients to discuss SEO, I often come across a lot of the same questions.

Naturally, people that do not do SEO on a daily basis do not really understand how it works, or sometimes even what it is.

Many people will pay for SEO and then once their site is on the first page they ask if they can “shut it off”

I try to explain SEO in a very simple way to people.  I believe that SEO is very much like a lifestyle of eating healthy and exercising.

You set a goal to lose weight and look good in your swimsuit. (first page of Google)

You hire a trainer or dietician (SEO expert) to help you create a plan to accomplish that goal.

You weigh and measure yourself weekly (SEO reports and Analytics) to check on your progress.

If you gain weight instead (drop in the rankings), you adjust your diet (SEO approach) or routine.

The entire process takes time and is not often measurable each day…it is a process.

Eventually you fit into that new swimsuit and are very, very excited.

Everyone is finding your business on the 1st page…I mean everyone is complimenting how nice you look.

Now, you shut it off right?

No, you continue down a path of maintenance for you body.  You continue to do the things that got you there.  If you slack off on your diet and exercise (monthly SEO), you will gain weight back. (drop in the rankings)

As long as you maintain your healthy habits you will continue to reap the benefits.

Obviously, this is a little bit of a basic approach, but the point rings very, very true.

SEO is a lifestyle.  You work hard and spend a lot of money (hopefully with us!) to get on the front page of Google.  There is a reason you want to be there.  Remember that other competitors want to be there too.  The minute you get complacent, one of them can pass you up.

In the world of SEO you are typically moving up or down…never staying the same.

Set yourself up with a reasonable budget and stick with it.  The key is to get the reports from your SEO provider and hold their feet to the fire to spend time with you each month explaining things and discussing the plan.  SEO is measurable.  Often people feel they are not seeing ROI because they cannot see the work being done.  If you feel this way then you need to discuss this with your SEO provider.  They either need to step up and show you what they are doing and produce results…or hit the road.