In all my years of working with car dealerships I have yet to find a dealer who says they wouldn’t like higher CSI scores.  Higher CSI scores not only improve the obvious things like customer satisfaction and workplace moral, they also improve your bottom line.  Nearly all dealerships receive incentives for better CSI scores.  So I ask you this….

If I can offer you a product for just $165 a month that is sure to help improve YOUR CSI SCORES would you want it?

You bet you would, and Pacer Design Studios is proud to announce the public release of a product that does just that….Reactback

Reactback is so simple, but so effective that it absolutely must be included as part of your CSI strategy.  Our initial group of test dealers had such success with this product that they jokingly asked us to not make it available for other dealers.

Here is how it works:

  • Your customers recieve simple surveys (both sales & service) via email that they fill out in under a minute
  • You get instant access to their valuable feedback.
  • You react to their concerns and feedback
  • Your customer satisfaction level goe thru the roof….all before the customer ever even recieves a factory survey.

Click Here to find out more about Reactback and to take a test drive or call 1.800.515.3950 today.