Let’s talk analytics.

It constantly puzzles me how many businesses are ignoring their website analytics.

I believe that many of these cases are because a shoddy developer was hired for the job. Many times businesses choose to save money (theoretically) by hiring a low cost web developer. This usually leads them to a programmer who does not have any long term interest in the client. They design and launch the site, get paid and get out.

I believe this,  because if and decision maker was told about analytics I could never see a reason to decline this cost.

Analytics may be the lowest cost/highest reward aspect of any web marketing project.

Aside from the obvious “visit counter” capabilities to analytics, they now can serve as a virtual roadmap to success for your website.

Analytics tell you who is visiting your site, where they came from, what pages they are visiting,  what keywords they may have searched to find your site and more.

In a recent example I had an existing client that was interested in expanding their mobile website. Upon examining their analytics data we found that less than 2% of their traffic was visiting their site on a mobile device. This represents an astronomical disparity in relation to the averages from other sites, but in the end the data did make sense when we factored in the type of visitors the client attracts.

This data allowed us to advise the client to spend that money elsewhere,  and they were able to put it to better use.

Here at Pacer, we include analytics as part of all of the sites that we design.

We train our clients how to read analytic reports and offer very affordable reports for all.

If you are not taking advantage of analytics you need to call us today at 724.709.7261