Everywhere we look these days we are bombarded with different forms of advertising.
From ad supported apps on my phone, to commercials before I watch YouTube clips advertisers are constantly trying new ways to get their message across to us.

With all the new technology changing the advertising world, one things still remains constant. Mail still works. Years ago many so called experts pronounced print media dead. They could not have been more wrong.

Think of all the mail you got this week. I bet you a lot of it was targeted advertising.
Car dealers still live off of targeted direct mail advertising. Huge companies like Target, Ikea and Bed, Bath & Beyond and others constantly flood our mailboxes with flyers and coupons. Do you really think they would spend these dollars if they were not happy with the return.

The beauty of the mail is simple. People usually take a peaceful minute or 2 each day to look at their mail. You get focused attention from a would be consumer. You can’t say that about some ad you placed in a free version of Angry Birds can you?

The key is that you make sure your mail piece stands out and screams to be read.
Yes, people still take time to read their mail.
Yes, people usually read their mail in peace and quiet.
Yes, often times the decision make of the household reads the mail.

All these things are great, but one thing has not changed and will never change.

You can send out all the targeted mail you want folks, but if it doesn’t get read you are wasting your money.

Here are some tips to make your next direct mail campaign successful:

  • Take the time, and have a campaign organized for you professionally.
  • Set goals for the campaign.
  • Use expiration dates to promote urgency
  • Build in a way to track results
  • Don’t be afraid to use an odd sized shape, it will stand out in the mailbox
  • Spend the extra money to put your piece in an envelope if you are not using an odd sized piece. People that open an envelope will generally take the time to read it what’s inside.
  • Support your mail campaign with your website

Use these tips and you will ensure that you can get the maximum results from your mailing efforts.

Here at Pacer Design Studios we have years of experience helping our clients design and execute engaging direct mail campaigns.  When you decide that your business is ready for the influx of customers that a well executed direct mail campaign can bring, call us at 724.709.7261