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At Pacer, we’re always learning new tricks.  If you’re using a WordPress blog, we’ll link it directly to your Facebook so that when you post, it displays on your Facebook wall automatically, saving you time and effort.
When should I use a CMS?

When should I use a CMS?

Imagine a small, informational website for a company called widgets inc. The website for widgets inc. is 5 pages. A standard site like this may have a Home page, an about page, a contact page, a directions page, and a products page. Each page follows a similar layout....

Rock, Paper, Scissors: A PHP Tutorial

So, what do web developers do for fun?  Work on programming even outside of work!  I was bored, and decided to throw together a very simple game of rock, paper, scissors – aka roshambo – using only PHP and HTML.  I actually searched for a tutorial after I...